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Krobo Collection

Recycled Glass - Hand Painted Beads



On Sandy Beaches - Lunch At The Ritz - And Far Urban Reaches!


The Amazing Process. . . . .

The Krobo Beads are made from recycled glass and bottles which have been

broken into small fragments and sieved into a fine powder. 

After a colorful dye is added, the powdered glass is placed into individual depressions within a handmade mold.  

A stick from the cassava plant is inserted into the center to form the hole in the bead. 

The beads are fired and melted in a homemade clay oven

which is fed with brush and small logs in the wide-open spaces and heat of Africa

Each bead is then individually hand painted.  After each color application, the bead must be re-fired. 


The Krobo Beads of Ghana represent a 1000 year history of uncommon artistic tradition.
We are honored to support the people of Ghana and extremely proud to present this collection to you.

Jewelry Designed By ELI KASE



   Materials:        Krobo Beads

                        Czech Aurora Borealis Glass Beads


      Metals:        Surgical Steel Wires

      Dimensions:  Single Drop: 3/4" Long [Beaded Area]

      Charm:        1-1/2" Long [Beaded Area]


      Metals:        Lobster Clasp Closures.

      Dimensions:  Single Strand: Adjustable 7"-8"

      Charm:        9" Long [Attach Anywhere On Chain - Fits Most Wrists]


      Metals:        Lobster Clasp Closures

                        Illusion: Silver Plated Tube Beads

      Dimensions:  Single Strand And Pendant: Adjustable 16"-22"

                        Illusion: 46" Long [Wear Once Or Twice Around Neck] 

      Comments    Bead Configuration May Change Slightly Due To

                           The Nature Of Creating Each One-Of-A-Kind Piece.

Charm Necklace
Charm Bracelet
Pendant Necklace
Illusion Necklace