Eli Kase Jewelry

A Greeting From The Designer. . . . .


I am forever grateful for the Creative Energy that has propelled my artistic endeavors,

and co-created the many successful "Surprises" that have been placed

in the Gift and Fashion Marketplace over the past number of years.


My mind is always racing with new concepts and ideas. . . . .

from a "Lottery Scratch-Off" gizmo with a melody playing "If I Were A Rich Man"

to the dream of a "Twinkling Ankle Bracelet" being worn [and turning cartwheels]

on a "Betsey Johnson Runway".


Over one half million people have held one of my "Angels" in their hand.

It's obvious - the Goose-Bumps alone empower me to "Bead" another zillion or so!


An Architect? That was my dream.

But when I am totally honest, I think all I might have accomplished

would be adding some perfectly placed ribbons to the Eiffel Tower!


Creativity is the "Happy Factor" that rules my existence.

Throughout the years "Conceptual Innovation" has been a promise kept,

as I continue to bring uncommon "Ingenuity" to the Gift And Fashion Marketplace.


My greatest pleasure is that YOU will enjoy the artistry of my designs.


Elizabeth Kaseman-Fox